First Birthday’s, Family Time and Good Books | Little Loves

First Birthday’s, Family Time and Good Books | Little Loves

What a week. Its been another busy one for us.

Saturday was all about catching up with work and getting jobs done at home, you know those things that you keep putting off but eventually have to bite the bullet and do. Then Sunday it was party time. We had such a lovely day celebrating our friends little boys first birthday. Olivia was in her element playing and eating her body weight in cake and ice cream.

Then before we knew it the working week was up on us. With how busy things have been I decided to strip things back a bit this week. I haven’t bothered with the gym and I haven’t been doing any work until Olivia has gone to bed. Therefore making sure that we have been able to spend some family time together in the evenings.

As well as lots of lovely time together there have been lots of great things so heres a look at my little loves from the week just gone.


This week I have finished book two in the Pilgrim Cove series, No Ordinary Summer, by Linda Barrett and have started on book three. I’m enjoying the third book so far and can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

little loves

Ive also brought a couple of new paper backs this week which I’m looking forward to get stuck into. One of is which is by one of my favourite authors Sophie Kinsella.


TV wise the only thing I have watched this week is Love Island.

Over on Youtube I watched Sarah’s from This Mama Life Military Deployment vlog. Sarah is just incredible the way that she deals with Robert’s deployment, whilst still putting herself out and trying to keep things as normal as possible for the children. I had tears in my eyes watching this vlog. You can watch it for yourself here.


Nothing to report in this section this week.


A whole lot of Ann-Marie, one of her songs seems to come on every time I get into the car. But I think my favourite song at the moment has to be Years and Years – If Your Over Me


Body suits and skirts have been my go to recently. Although they aren’t very practical when running around after a three year. Sandals are also a must at the moment with the lovely weather that we have been having.

For Olivia it has been all about the dresses. Primark and H&M dresses during the week for nursery and Stitch&Style for the weekend. I particularly love these gathered waist ones.

little loves


Today we are ending our week travelling down to Devon. We have a very exciting weekend ahead of us celebrating my step dads and Adam’s best friends birthdays and getting Olivia together with her cousins. There is going to be lots of drink and afternoon tea involved.


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