Weight loss, Twinning and New Furniture | Little Loves

Weight loss, Twinning and New Furniture | Little Loves

What a week. I don’t feel like my feet have touched the ground.

Friday I am ready to welcome you with open arms. I’m hoping for a bit of down town and possibly a bit of a pamper. But before I sign off for the week here’s a look at my little loves from the week just gone.


After really enjoying The House on the Beach by Linda Barrett this week I made a start of the second book in the series No Ordinary Series. These books are such an easy read, I find myself getting lost in the story every night after a long day.


Apart from the football the only thing I have watch TV wise is Love Island. No matter what has been going on I always find time to sit down and watch it each time. I just love Dani and Jack. It was so cute how they both slept outside or on the sofa rather than with someone else. I love their loyalty to each other and really hope that the relationship lasts.


The shock news that I actually lost half a pound when I went to slimming world this week. I haven’t exactly been on plan recently so I was really pleased with that and am now in the right frame of mind to knuckle down and really follow the plan.


Last weekend Olivia and I wore twinning outfits for a little shopping trip. But apart from that I have either been in my work clothes, gym stuff or as little clothes as possible. It has been so hot!


I haven’t made a single thing. Adam however did put together my new desk and our new dining table and chairs from Ikea. I’m really loving the way that the room is coming together and the fact that we are already getting a lot more use out of it rather than it being a dumping ground.


I really cannot wait to get into bed tonight knowing that my alarm will not be going off in the morning. It hasn’t been a bad week but I’m glad to see the end of it and I’m ready for some chill time.

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