Meal Plan Monday | Slimming World Friendly

Meal Plan Monday | Slimming World Friendly

I was so pleased with last weeks half a stone loss in one week. SP really does work.

However, I have been pretty off plan this weekend so it’s the to draw a line and make a plan for the week ahead.

Monday – SP

Breakfast – Fruit and 2 x hifi bar

Lunch – Smoked Salmon Salad

Dinner – Cheese and Ham Toastie


Breakfast – Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon

Lunch – Mugshot

Dinner – Chicken Balti

Wednesday – SP

Breakfast – Fruit

Lunch – Left over Balti

Dinner – Cheese Burger


Breakfast – Overnight Oats

Lunch – Ham and Boiled Salad

Dinner – Meatball Marinara

Friday – SP

Breakfast – Pancakes

Lunch – Scrambled Egg on Toast

Dinner – Stuffed Chicken and Vegetables


Breakfast – Cooked Breakfast

Lunch – Mugshot

Dinner – Chicken Souvlaki


Breakfast – Breakfast Wrap

Lunch – Omelette

Dinner – Roast Chicken

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