Meal Plan Monday | Slimming World Friendly

Meal Plan Monday | Slimming World Friendly

I thought I was going to struggle sticking to SP last week. I’m such a carb a holic, but actually it was pretty easy. Being able to have two HEXB’s is great but this week I am going back to extra easy.

We have so many spice n tice and jd seasoning spices that I want to use this week to make some new dishes that we haven’t had before. Our liv lean order is also arriving today so we are well set up for the week ahead.


Breakfast – Pancakes (HEXB part of HEXA)

Lunch – Chinese Chicken and Mushroom Noddles

Dinner – Spanish Chicken and Rice


Breakfast – Fruit and Yogurt

Lunch – Tuna Salad

Dinner – Live Lean Beef Burgers (HEXB & HEXA)


Breakfast – Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Egg and Grilled Tomatoes

Lunch – Mugshot

Dinner – Beef Kofta and Salad


Breakfast – Fruit and Yogurt

Lunch – Salmon Salad

Dinner – Chinese Chicken Curry


Breakfast – Hifi Bars & Ygourt (HEXB)

Lunch – Chinese Chicken Curry

Dinner – Pizza Topped Chicken


Breakfast – Pancakes (HEXB part HEXA)

Lunch – Omelette and Baked Beans

Dinner – Live Lean Meatballs and Pasta


Breakfast – Cooked Breakfast

Lunch – Cheese on Toast (HEXA and HEXB)

Dinner – BBQ




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