Happy 5th Birthday Little Lady

Happy 5th Birthday Little Lady

So today you turn 5. Where has that time gone?

This one year has had lots of ups and downs but we have still managed to make lots of lovely memories. You have grown so much, both physically and in character.

This year has been a big one for you with you starting school. You found this hard, to the surprise of some. You were taken totally out of your comfort, not knowing anyone or the school routine.

You were so emotional and would beg to come to work with me instead of going to school. It broke my heart, some mornings we would be both be crying doing the school run. But your teacher has been fantastic and you really like school now. You have made some lovely friends and I love hearing all about your day.

You are still quite little for your age with age 4-5 clothes still fitting you and age 5-6 having plenty of growing room.

You have had no major illnesses or injuries, just the usual colds/coughs and bumps and bruises.

This year we got to enjoy a magical holiday to Disneyland you had the best time. Your highlight was meeting all the characters, especially stitch. You queued you so well with no moaning and didn’t ask for a single thing the whole time.

Your so kind and caring, always wanting to help other people. You have the biggest personality and sometimes the biggest attitude. Your my little sassy pants and I wouldn’t have you any other way.

You don’t get upset easily, unless you are tired or hungry then its a whole different ball game. You love to come into our bed for a cuddle. You usually get into daddies side when he has got up for work.

You love to learn, often I will find you with one of your work books. But ou become very frustrated and unwilling when you find something difficult as you always want to do well. Im so very proud of how quickly you have picked up reading and all the things you have learned. You go to a Church of England school and eve to talk about the Baby Jesus. You even told us that was the part you were playing in your first ever nativity.

You have done so well over the last few weeks whilst the covid-19 pandemic takes over the world. You have had long days coming to work with me and had to get used to doing lots of home learning and not being able to visit the places we love. But you have taken it in your stride. Even with today, your birthday, not being as we had planned you are so excited.

I worry about how you will find it when you go back to school and whether it will be like going back to square one. But what ever may be we will get through it together.

Little lady you light up our lives, you bring joy to the darkest of days, you make us laugh, you make us shout with frustration and you give the best cuddles. Your sos adventures and brave but at the same time your a little worrier. You will always be my little sassy pants.

Please don’t ever change. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Shine bright. Keep on learning, keep on smiling, keep exploring the world around you. The world is out there for you to enjoy.

Happy 5th Birthday Little Lady.


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