7 Reasons Your Children Should go to Nursery

7 Reasons Your Children Should go to Nursery

Whether to send your children to nursery can be a hard decision for some.

I see posts popping up all over the place asking if people send their children to nursery. With lots of people having different views.

You may know that I have worked in childcare since leaving school aged 16, both in private day nurseries and as a nanny and I’m a big advocate for sending children to nursery. That is why I thought I would share with you my reasons for why I think children should go to nursery.

Social Interaction

Children are social little things but if they aren’t given the opportunities to develop these skills they wont know how to use them. Olivia started nursery when she was a tiny 5 months old and she has grown up such an out-going and sociable little girl.

A good range of social opportunities will allow children to develop skills that will serve them well in their adult life.

Time away from Parents

This can be hard, for both sides. But often our children actually cope a lot better than us. Being away from their parents enables them to learn how to cope without us and that others can also meet their needs.

To get Messy and Explore

Nursery is the place for all the messy play that you would never think of doing at home. I hear so many parents commenting on there being no need to do messy play at home as thats what nursery is for. There are so many great resources for children to explore at nursery, both indoors and out.

Outdoor Play

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a garden nursery is great for outdoor play. The outdoor environment should be an extension of indoors. With places to get messy, build, mark-make and take age appropriate risks. They get to go out in all weathers and you don’t even have to get wet yourself in the process.

Time for Parents to be Themselves

Although, a lot of parents are at work while their children are at nursery they are still themselves. You have a name again that isn’t mummy or daddy and you get to have an adult conversation.

Additional Support

If your child has an additional need the support that a nursery can offer can make such a difference. If this is the case make sure you ask about what past experience they have of working with children with the same need as yours and what support they can offer.

Linking back to my previous point it also others parent a bit of a rest. We all love our children dearly but they can be hard work.

Help get School Ready

Starting school is a bit milestone for children. Nurseries provide children with experiences to become both academically and emotionally ready for school.

They are able to get into a routine and start to learn about other boundaries away from the home. They may also make some friends that will go to the same school as them. Hopefully making the transition a little less daunting.

Do your children go to nursery? What points did you consider when deciding on childcare?


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