Weekends Away, Cookie Making and Jumpsuits | Little Loves

Weekends Away, Cookie Making and Jumpsuits | Little Loves

Last weekend we had a great time down in Devon.

Not only did we get to spend quality time together but we also got to catch up with friends and family. Saturday was all about fun by the sea side, including fun at the fair and play in the geo park on Paignton sea front. The evening was then adult time, although Olivia was included, celebrating our friends 3oth Birthday.

Living Arrows

On Sunday we ended our weekend away celebrating my step dads 6oth birthday with a lovely afternoon tea at the Belgrave Sands Hotel in Torquay. The whole weekend went so fast and soon we were back home preparing for the working week ahead.

Here’s a look at my little loves from the week just gone.


Reading progress has been slow this week, I have been so exhausted by the heat, but I’m slowly making my way through Reluctant Housemates by Linda Barrett.


Love Island of course. Its going to weird next week when it finishes, what will I do with my evenings. I loved the super dates that the islanders got to go on. We have a hot balloon trip that we received as a wedding present over a year a go that we need to book.

This week we have also been watching our tiny insect lore caterpillars grow and go into their cocoons. Every morning Olivia checks on them to see what has happened now.


A whole lot of music now that I have Amazon music back. I’m still loving Ann-Marie but another favourite song of mine at the moment is If Your Over Me by years and years.


Losse fitting dresses and jumpsuits have been my go to when not in my work clothes. Trying to keep as cool as possible.

Little loves


We haven’t made a single thing at home. Although Olivia did make some Oreo brownie at nursery, not that I got to see it as it wasn’t soon devoured.


We have another busy weekend ahead of us. In fact looking ahead to August we have a very busy month ahead of us. Check back next week to see what we have been up to.

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  1. August 16, 2018 / 4:33 am

    I think an afternoon tea is s lovely birthday treat hope you enjoyed the afternoon with your family. You look lovely in that jumpsuit, it looks cool in this warm weather and has a nice shape and style.

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