What My Kid Wore Wednesday | Glittery Butterflies

What My Kid Wore Wednesday | Glittery Butterflies

Wow, what amazing weather we are currently having.

We have spotted so many butterflies in the garden recently it only seemed right that Olivia wore this glittery butterfly print for our summery walk.

This dolly style is dress is from Stitch&Style an online shop that originates from Instagram. Olivia has been a brand rep for this small business for a while now and we love their clothes as much now as we did back then.



I love the way that the sun catches the glittery butterflies and I think that the colour really suites her. The dolly style, meaning that the skirt part is loose and flowing, is perfect for the hot weather as it doesn’t cling to her as she explores.

If you are a fan our shopping small be sure to check out this company. There are so many different styles and the most amazing fabrics available. And why not use code OLIVIA-MAY10 to get yourself a discount.

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