Colourful Rainclouds | Invitation to Play

Colourful Rainclouds | Invitation to Play

Welcome to my first invitation to play post.

This week I’m bringing to you Colourful Rainclouds. The perfect activity for developing fine motorskills and colour recognition.

To make your own colourful rainclouds you will need:

a large clear bowl

food colouring


shaving foam


Now the fun part:

Fill the bowl with cold water and top with the shaving foam, the thicker the shaving foam the longer it will take for the colours to run through.

Once this is done use the pipettes to transfer the food colouring on to the shaving foam. This helps to develop fine motor skills.

Eventually the colours will run through the shaving foam and start to come out in the water, acting like a raincloud. If the bowl is kept still the different colours will make patterns in the water.

This activity kept Olivia (aged 3) entertained for ages. I hope your little ones enjoy it too.


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