Morning Routine | 6 things you should do every morning

morning routine

It’s time to get up and sieze the day.

Having a good morning routine and being proactive from the moment you get up sets you up for the day ahead. Things aren’t going to get done while you laze around.

Pull back the curtains and let in the day

There’s nothing better than bright blue sky’s and a spot of fresh air from open windows to kick start your day. Be gone the darkness of the night a new day is dawning.

Make the bed

Tidy house tidy mind, right? Always get this done, unless the children have snuck in during the night. Your room will look so much tidier and inviting when you get home that night.


Hopefully the children are still sound asleep and you can treat your face to a bit of attention. I make time to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and my skin has got so much better.

Eat some breakfast

We all know what an important meal breakfast is but still continue to skip it. Why not save some time in the mornings and prep it the night before.

Tidy up

Tidying up now will save time later. You will feel so much better coming home to a tidy house. It’s always so much easier tidying up when you don’t have a little person following you around getting everything out again.

Get the washing out

Make the most of the sunny days and get your washing out on the line. By the time you get home it will fresh and dry ready to be put away.

Doing these 6 things every morning will set you up for the rest of day and make coming home at the end of a long day a little less stressful.


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