6 Signs your Family is Pet Ready


A pet can be a brilliant addition to a family. They help to teach our children some very important life skills and encourage them to take on responsibilities. But like children pets are also a lot of work.

The majority of children love animals and often start to request pets during the toddler stage. But how do you know when they are ready?

To help you out I have put together 6 tell-tale signs that your family is ready for a pet –

1. Your house is allergy free

Many people are allergic to the fur of some animals. However, this does not mean that you can’t have a pet. It just means that your choices are narrowed down. Rather than a cat or dog you may be better off looking at reptiles.

2. They are comfortable around animals

It’s important for children to feel safe and confident in the company of animals. If your child has a fear of dogs getting them one as their own pet isn’t going to help them overcome this. Instead it’s likely to cause them more anxiety and for them to feel unsafe in their own home.

3. Your child helps with family tasks

If your child doesn’t like helping out with household tasks then they are not ready to take on the responsibilities of having a family pet.

4. Your child shows respect for animals

It’s important that your child is able to understand the way they need to behave around and respect animals. Just because they may want to interact with their pet it doesn’t mean that its the right time or that the pet wants to interact with them.

5. The whole family is onboard

If not everybody in the family is onboard with wanting a new pet then its probably not the best time. Pet ownership can be a rewarding experience but you need everyone to be onboard and willing to do their bit.

6. Lastly, your prepared to take on the responsibility

Even though you are getting the pet for your child the adults of the family need to take on the responsibility of the pet. Your child isn’t going to be able to participate in all of the pets care and meet all of their needs on their own.


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