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Mummy milestones

At some point during your pregnancy you will find yourself purchasing baby milestone cards but what about those mummy milestones you will soon be achieving? Those ones that often aren’t even mentioned in the baby books.

Getting through each and everyone of those mummy milestones definitely deserves a gold star. Or even better a large glass of wine, although I would try to hold off on the wine until they are safely tucked up in bed.

Here are my top 12 mummy milestones:

1. Your First Night at Home

While you can’t wait to get your new bundle of joy home the first night is pretty daunting. This tiny little newborn totally reply’s on you and there is no instruction manual. I remember sleeping with the light on all night on our first night.

2. The First Time You Cut Their Nails

I kid you not this is like carrying out minor surgery. One false move and it could be fatal. Its utterly terrifying. Even the little baby scissors that you have brought seem to sharp. Their little nails are so tiny and close to skin but if you leave them their face ends up looking like they have had an argument with a thorn bush.

3. The First Time You bath Them Alone

Bathing a baby on your own, what’s so hard about that? Those little newborns turn into slippery little suckers when they are wet. Wriggly around with you trying not to drop them, sometimes its ok to class a quick dip in a bowl a bath right?

4. The First Time You Deal with a Poo-nami

You know those poo’s that go up to ears and down to their ankles. Where do you start with the clean up process? The first couple of minutes you just seem to be spreading it around even more but eventually the end is in sight.

5. Your First Day Flying Solo

All the visitors have gone, paternity leave is over and you have the whole day with no help. It can feel lonely and terrifying, but you’ve got this. You may spend the day in your PJ’s and there may be a pile of washing up but your both fed and still alive. If only you didn’t now have a night of broken sleep ahead of you.

6. The First Time They Face Plant The Floor

Your so excited they are actually enjoying tummy time and and pushing themselves up with their arms. And like a flash they are down again with their face hitting the floor. You run over and scoop them up faster that Usain Bolt.

7. The First Time Out Without Your Baby

You end up spending the whole time thinking about baby, texting to see how they are and wishing the time away.

8. Their First Night In Their Own Room

You are so used to hearing every sound they make during night and now, even though there is only a wall between you, it feels as though they are a million miles away.

9. The End of Maternity Leave

How does maternity leave go so quickly but the working day drag on for what feels like a life time. The nun guilt will forever be there but you get yourself in to a routine and find a balance that works for you and your family.

10. The First Time Your Toddler Has a Tantrum in Public

While you feel like running away and hiding just remember that every parent has experienced exactly the same at some point.

11. The First Time Taking Your Child Out in Pants

Will they wee in the car or be the child to piddle in the ball pit? Or even worse what if they poo? You will find yourself constantly asking them if they need the toilet and making a mental note of every toilet that you pass.

12. Their First Day At School

How did they get to be so big? Time really does fly so whether good or bad cherish every minute.


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