Top 10 uses for Zoflora


.Hey I’m Stacey and I’m addicted to Zoflora

I currently have 20 bottles in various fragrances.

I have so many that on a recent trip to the supermarket when I went to pick up more Adam made the comment “you don’t need any more of that, you have more than the shop”. 

But I do use it for pretty much everything. That is why I have put together my top ten uses for Zoflora for you.

  1. Soak Tumble Dryer Sheets – Soak tumble dryer sheets, which you can pick up from the pound shop, in your favourite diluted Zoflora and let them dry. You can then place them in your cushion covers, under your mattress and in drawers to keep your home and clothes smelling fresh.
  2. Fresh Sinks – Put a cap full of Zaflora into your sinks with boiling water overnight. Not only will it disinfect your sink in the morning it will smell amazing.
  3. Fresh Toilet – Again like use number 2 using Z0flora in the toilet itself and in the toilet brush holder overnight will not only disinfect everything but leave it smelling lovely.
  4. Wipe down Radiators – As soon as your heating comes on your whole house will be full of of our favourite Zoflora scent.
  5. Clean you Washing Machine – If you washing machine is becoming a bit smelly due to a build up of bacteria pop in half a bottle of Zoflora and put it on empty.
  6. Clean your Hoover Hose and Filter – One a month I like to take the hoover apart and soak the filter and hose in a bath of Zoflora over night. Once again it disinfects everything and leaves it smelling nice. Make sure that everything is properly dry before putting the hoover back together and using it.
  7. Cleaning floors – I spray a mop which I always have filled up with diluted Zoflora ready to go.
  8. Spray bottle – Buy or keep an empty spray bottle and fill it with diluted Zoflora. This can then be used to no only disinfect any surfaces but as a fabric fresher. Great for spraying on bedding, the sofa and curtains to give your home a lovely fragrance.
  9. Clean plughole’s – Pour a cup of Zoflora down your plughole’s fooled by some boiling water from the kettles to kill any bacteria and help clear any blockages.
  10. Keep your Bin Fresh – As well as using diluted Zoflora to clean your bin put onto a cotton wall pad neat and throw it into the bottom on your bin. This well help to keep you bin fresh and keep and bad smells at bay.

I hope my top uses for Zoflora come in handy and help you on your way to fresh smelling home.

Do you have any other tips?


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