Has a Screen become my go-to babysitter?

Screen time

Everybody has there own opinions on screen time.

And I can guarantee that saying out loud that you have used the TV, tablet or Phone as a babysitter will earn you some killer looks.

But sometimes it’s a matter as needs must. Sometimes there are things that we have to do that just aren’t possible with a young child trailing around behind you with their every demand.

In our house any kind of screen is like pushing some kind of miracle button. Olivia becomes totally engrossed, sitting her teddies and dolls round to watch too. She may still demand the odd snack but its pretty much guaranteed that she will keep herself entertained for a good hour.

But I do worry that she is having to much screen time.

Now don’t get me wrong Olivia is in no way ignored and we make plenty of time to do activities and play games with her. But when does screen time become to much screen time.

We try to limit screen time to ten minutes before bed or a family film at the weekend but sometimes that just isn’t the case. She has got to a stage recently where before we even get into the car she is asking for my phone. This is when I start to think when did we get to this point? Why does a ten minute drive to the shop mean she needs to be glued to a screen.

But then there are other times when I will happy let her sit on my phone or her iPad so that I can get ready in piece or make a start on the endless list of jobs.

What are you thoughts on screen time? Do you think that you sometimes use it to much?





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