Are you there when others need you?


The World in which we live can be a horrible place. 

Loved ones become ill and get taken from us. 

Children are subject to unimaginable things. 

Have you ever thought about what you can do to make a difference to those around you? 

There’s a few things that have happened recently, in my personal life, at work and in the news which have really made me think about how I can make a difference to those around me. 

We are so good at splashing money at situations. Relying on materialistic things. But just our time and love could make such a big difference.

Nursery/School Workers

If you work in childcare I urge you to put down the paperwork and be there. Really get to know the children in your care. Give them the best possibilities you can as you never know what kind of experiences they are having away from your setting. Confront your colleagues, in the correct way, speak to your line manager and report things. Even if they seem silly you never know what a difference this could make.
Being the manager of a private day care setting I would rather staff came to me twenty times a day with concerns, no matter how big or small, rather than sit on something and then it be to late. 


As a parent make time to openly talk with your children every day. Something small that might of happened at lunch time can be such a big deal to them. Not only that but if they can’t talk to you about the little things how are they ever going to talk about the big stuff.
As parents we sometimes all loose our sh*t but another important thing is to address this at a later stage. Apologise for the way you acted but explain why and explain that it’s ok to get angry but look at better ways to deal with it together. 

Be there for children’s friends. You don’t know what their home life is like behind closed doors. Maybe the one day they come to your house after school is the only time they feel secure, it could be the first time that week they’ve had a hot meal. 

Family and Friends

As a family member and friend look out for your loved ones. A simple text every now and again just to say ‘how are you’ can make such a difference. The recipient may be having the worst day and your message could come at exactly the right time. 

I suppose what I’m trying to say is we never really know what others around us have been through or could be going through right now. And even though the odd gift is nice your time and love will go so much further. 

Hold your love ones close, don’t go to bed on an argument and make every day count. 


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